Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spicy Corner's Hoppers

Spicy Corner
49 Dawson Street
Tullamarine 3043

Spicy Corner is an unassuming Sri Lankan restaurant in suburban Tullamarine.  I went there late last year with a Sri Lankan friend and her family.  We went for one reason - to have the traditional Sri Lankan street food, hoppers.  My first time.  In fact, I hadn't even heard of hoppers before this meal!

Spicy Corner's menu describes hoppers as bowl shaped crispy crepes with soft centres made of rice flour.  Basically, edible bowls.  By all accounts they are not easy to make and you need a special pan.

Our Hopper meal consisted of plain hoppers, egg hoppers which had a fried egg cooked into it, a choice of chicken, beef or lamb curry and spicy sambol.

In this picture the egg hopper is sitting nestled in a plain hopper.  To eat you just break off bits of hopper and scoop up your curry and sambol.  I loved the hoppers.  Light and tasty, almost wafer thin. The egg hopper was my favourite though. This can be a messy process as you just use your hands, but that is part of the fun of the experience!

The curries and sambol were served in bowls to share. We had beef and lamb.  The curry was fine but the hoppers were the star of the meal.

I believe we had two sambols, onion and chill. A tip from my friends - if the sambol is too hot, (which, in this case, it was for me), mix a small amount of butter with it.  Sounds strange but works - the taste of the sambol still comes through but without the intense heat!

I definitely want to return to Spicy Corner and try more of the very reasonably priced menu.  I am fascinated by the sweets menu - Love Cake?  Potato Toffee?  As for the Milk Toffee.. well that's a bargain! ;)  I was intrigued by Wattalappan - a google search revealed that it is a coconut custard pudding.

If you are interested in the Hopper meal it is probably best to ring first as I believe it is not always available.  

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  1. My mom would love "Spicy Corner" I need to ask her if she had been there before! I wish there was a good Sri Lankan restaurant here in Atlanta!

  2. Hoppers are one thing that I've never tried but I really want to. They look really good.

    1. They're definitely worth trying. Thanks for visiting Agnes.

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  4. Looks like I'll have to take a drive to get my hoppers on!

  5. Ahh I've always wanted to try this place. May just need to pop in the next time we have to go by the airport to pick someone up!


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