Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bastille Day in Saint Remy de Provence

This is my first post in quite a few months.  I won't go into all the reasons why I wasn't blogging over this time but if you are reading this I just want to thank you for coming back to read my blog after such a long time.  I really appreciate it :)  I hope you enjoy this, my first post, of hopefully many, for 2014.

A few days before I left France they celebrated Bastille Day or as they call it La Fête Nationale, French National Day.  The last two weeks of my holiday was spent in a gorgeous town in the South of France - Saint Remy de Provence. You will see more of Saint Remy in my next few posts but July 14 deserves a post all it's own. The French know how to celebrate!

Our morning began with the Running of the Bulls!  This was a  'controlled' running where the bulls are escorted by horsemen through the town streets but still exciting as random bulls escaped the pack and headed for the crowd!  Whilst the streets were lined with sturdy barriers a lot of people were outside of these barriers.  I was not that silly!  If I had of been my photos would probably have been better so sorry about that ;)  I couldn't believe people were standing outside the barriers with children!!

Escaped bull on the sidewalk scattering the crowd!

It was a very hot day so once the bull extravaganza was over we walked back to our rented 300 year old villa and spent the afternoon in the pool.

In the balmy early evening we walked back into town for evening festivities.  St Remy's old town centre is circled by a boulevard.  This boulevard and all the internal streets were blocked off to traffic.  Bands played at various intervals along the street. Restaurants extended their tables onto the road and the overall atmosphere was one of a carnival.

Part of the remnants of the circular 14th-century wall that protected St Remy

After checking out some of the restaurants we chose to dine at Brasserie Les Varietes which is located on Boulevard Victor Hugo.

I loved the hot pink accents of the restaurant.

We began with an entree of zucchini flowers stuffed with goat's cheese. This was delicious - a simple dish made with quality ingredients.

For main I had fried scallops, prawns and pasta. It was delicious - the seafood very fresh.  (Of course all our meals had lovely french names but I am afraid I didn't write them down!)

My brother in law had Monkfish on risotto with a 'red fruits sauce' whilst my sister had seafood served over risotto.  I had risotto envy - it was beautiful, soft and creamy.

For dessert we shared Creme Brulee.  It was divine. Perfect 'crack'.

My nephew and niece enjoyed their chicken nuggets and chips.  Kids restaurant meals seem to be the same no matter where you are!

After dinner we followed the crowd into the center of town where they were giving out candle lit lanterns.  

We then joined a procession through the streets which ended at the Town Hall.

A makeshift stage was erected in front of the Town Hall with bands and singers entertaining the huge crowd whilst there were rides and carnival games to keep the children happy.

Fireworks capped off an amazing day. 

Vive la France!


  1. Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

  2. Hi jacky ~ a great blog ~ almost as good as being there. Thanks I loved it! Mickey

  3. I look forward to many more Jacky,

  4. Welcome back! What a lovely post and a lovely holiday. That pasta with scallops looks absolutely beautiful! :)


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