Sunday, September 30, 2012

Co Do

Co Do
196 Victoria Street
Richmond 3121

A cold, wet Melbourne Monday night.  My friend and I wanted a quick, cheap, filling meal.  I also wanted something that wouldn't derail my diet and had been craving chicken soup.  So we headed to Richmond where we knew we would be spoilt for choice.  Co Do fit the bill perfectly.

Wine and tea to begin the warming process!

We shared the prawn rice paper rolls to start.  My friend who has eaten at many of the Vietnamese restaurants along this strip declared them not the best he'd had but they were still very fresh and tasty and a very generous size.  

We both had the soup with rice noodles. 


Bean shoots, fresh mint, lemon and an array of chilli sauces to add to the soup.

Chicken and Beef

The soup was lovely.  The broth flavourful, heaps of yummy noodles and the chicken and beef beautifully cooked.  A very generous serve.

Our total bill was just $24.50.  Excellent value and exactly what we wanted.  We left very full and warm from the inside out!

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