Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Challenge!

My challenge – to start a food blog.  To write about recipes made from the over 100 cookbooks on my book shelf, the 200 plus food magazines I have collected and the huge amount of recipes cut out of newspapers, magazines and printed off websites.  To write about restaurant and café meals enjoyed.  To write about meals prepared for family and friends.    

So what's challenging about that?  To do all this and still DIET!  I am on a serious quest to lose weight.  So, some might say that it is not a great time to start writing about food but you know what?  I think it is just going to make it all the more interesting.  I see it being a mix of healthy, low calorie food and the occasional indulgence.  Everyone needs a little treat now and then!  Add in a little bit of travel, (I hope!), and there you have the bits and pieces that will make up this blog!

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